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Find expert consultants that can help with your project at every step.

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When the job is underway, a project manager can help keep it on track.

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Need plans for a building or project? Find a qualified architect today.

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We’ve hand-picked only reliable service providers, contractors, and professional suppliers to save you time.



Each business listed has an established, trustworthy business here in Lusaka, Zambia or surrounding areas.



Only transparent, honorable local businesses and contractors make it onto our Construction Buyer’s Guide.

Your Building or Construction Project Deserves Professionals

Whether you’re building a tall skyscraper, a water treatment plant, a gym, or a restaurant, you want the materials to be high-quality and the workers to be reliable. Here at Triglav Enterprises Limited, we understand the unique hurdles that Lusaka, Zambia and the surrounding areas face when attempting to build new infrastructure. This is why we compile our Construction Buyer’s Guides.

Within our Construction Buyer’s Guide, we list our favorite, most trustworthy brands we know you’ll be satisfied with.

The building construction scene in Zambia (and across Africa) is held tightly by big firms – that’s not what we endorse here. We want businesses to support local suppliers, consulting groups, architects, landscapers, pavers, and much more.