One Source: The Construction Buyer’s Guide

Triglav Enterprises Limited spends time each year developing the Construction Buyer’s Guide; this magazine contains the most recent news in the construction scene as well as a comprehensive list of reliable contractors, suppliers, and service providers.

What You’ll Find Inside

Triglav Enterprises Limited is committed to the success of your business’s project. The more projects within Zambia that are completed using local suppliers, the more economic value we retain within the country. Supporting local businesses can help fight some of these common construction challenges that Zambia faces:

  • Competition with big firms is nearly impossible
  • Racial discrimination towards Zambian locals
  • Developing meaningful business relationships
  • Fighting rising project costs and interest rates

Within each Construction Buyer’s Guide is a list of businesses, suppliers, and service providers that can help you in the following areas:

Air conditioning, aluminum and other metals, building societies, cement, concrete, all-inclusive construction companies, construction equipment, fire safety, geothermal & hydrothermal drilling services, hardware, landscaping, 3D modular designs, paint, pumps, safes & vaults, swimming pools, tiling, waste management, and even mobile toilets.

Each Construction Buyer’s Guide also contains relevant news and information on pressing issues in the construction industry here in Zambia.